DentalMaster Advantages

DentalMaster is the first and only 3D real-time system which allows dentists to instantly create and present customized 3D treatment plans and digital models automatically personalized to each patient.

Time-consuming: The time spent on creating treatments plans can be reduced by up to 70% when using DentalMaster 3D Analyzer. Presenting a complex prosthetic treatment plan to a patient presents certain difficulties for the practitioner. Dentists from across the world used to spend precious time and efforts explaining, in simple terms, the different treatment options.

Animations will never be personalized to the patient’s case, DentalMaster provides real-time 3D interactive Customize Model and animations based on the specific situation of each patient.

Patient consent &Medico legal issue: Did you know that patients can sue for not providing them with an accurate, complete and documented explanation? Today it is not enough that your work is professional, it is also your duty to explain to the patients all the options available to them, what the procedure involves and what the risks are, even the rarest. Failure to provide a full explanation constitutes a violation of autonomy and the principle of informed consent. Read More

Starting Pack Content


Personal Assistant Pro & PA Cloud

400 high-resolution 3D animation bank.
Allows you, or your assistant, to easily explain, and your patient to visualize and understand even the most complex procedure. Read More


Analyzer 3D Expert & 3D Cloud

A World-Wide unique software that is able to create customized treatment plans with 3D models in less than 30 seconds. Read More

Click here to see a Real treatment case option in action 



A powerful Image process editor” for Smile Design that allows you to quickly and easily show your patients what their new-smile will look like. Read more



Build your patient’s customized treatment plan directly on their panoramic X-ray. Read More

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Dr. Ronald E. Goldstein

Dr. Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS USA

“DentalMaster have been pioneers in video graphics and some of the best animation has come from their company. 

We look forward to working with their new software and helping to make it even better for patient communication.”  

Pr Bernard TOUATI

Pr Bernard TOUATI, France

DentalMaster is la “crème de la crème”. 
Trust me!

Dr Philippe Russe

Dr Philippe Russe, France

The 3D expert is the only planning software that gives the patient the feeling that he is looking at his own mouth…

It’s unique and it makes a big difference for case acceptance.