Personal Assistant Pro

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The most important information to know when choosing an animation-bank software is how long it will take you to find the relevant animation when sitting in front of your patient. 

Therefore, we especially invested in a strong and customizable search engine.

This software allows you or your staff to easily explain and the patient to visualize and understand even the most complex procedures.

Personal Assistant Pro is the best 3D animations collection software for patient education. It includes a bank of up to 400 dental procedure animations 
in high-resolution and can significantly save valuable time and increase
Personal Assistant Sp is a special limited version with 60 selected 3D animations from the Personal Assistant Pro.

Some Options

  • Up to 400 animations of most common dental procedures
  • Strong customizable search engine
  • Possibility to compare up to 4 animations simultaneously
  • Insert your tag, names or reference in any language for quick access

Tip 1

The most important issue when searching for the relevant animation is how much time it will take,  therefore, we added different options to help:

  1. using different folder color

Yellow folder =Animations organized by treatment.

 Blue folder = Animations organized by specific segments in the mouth.

  1. You can add tags to the animations. This will make searching for the animation easier and faster next time you need it, by entering the tag in the search engine.
  2. This will also allow you to create groups of animations, usually shown together, without the need to search for each one individually.

Tip 2

You can compare up to 4 animations at a time. They can be paused or played simultaneously.
You can compare different animations or show different steps of one animation.

Tip 3

You can draw at any time to implement your explanation.